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SMF Battery Suppliers in Mumbai, SMF Battery Manufacturers in Mumbai, SMF Battery Exporters in Mumbai

Everyone knows that batteries are really important. From the battery that keeps your cell phone and laptop going to the tiny cell that keeps your watch ticking and you on time. Batteries help us see when we need to see and they give us electricity when we need it. SMF is one of the world’s most renowned battery manufacturers and suppliers. We are proud to be SMF Battery Suppliers in Mumbai, SMF Battery Manufacturers in Mumbai and SMF Battery Exporters in Mumbai. SMF batteries are some of the best batteries around the world. So, contact us today if you need one


Some of the benefits of renting equipments are as follows

1) Availability: Wide range of products are readily available on rent whereas in most of the cases delivery of new product can take time due to various reasons.
2) Temporary Services: A new project requires some hardware on temporary basis.

3) Budgetary Issues: Wherein some services/products are required but the IT budget or cash flow does not allow the purchases to be made.


We provide a wide range of products on rent, such as,

  • UPS
  • Batteries
  • Stabilizers
  • Diesel Generators
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • External Chargers