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Why Power Audit?

The advent of Power is probably the most important discovery for human being. Although it can be the best friend, it can also turn out to be the worst enemy if not maintained and managed properly.Most of us are aware that power is the major aspect of any physical infrastructure and the power related issues can be minimized or completely eradicated if proper measures are taken, audit being one of them, we tend not to give it the kind of importance that it should be. Though the facility and the setup would be equipped with the newest and the best of technologies, it is very important that it is periodically audited and maintained properly in order to get the best performance out of it .

We believe that it is very important to understand the problem in order to come up with the right resolution for these power problem. There are wide range of services which we offer
under the Power Audit umbrella which are absolutely valuable and essential for proper functioning of the load and the physical infrastructure, those being,

Power Quality Audit: Some of the major power problems that prevents any IT/non IT equipment from functioning to its fullest potential are mentioned below

Seven Major Power Problems

Air Quality Audit:

The industrial processes today, produce lots of airborne pollutants in various forms such as gases, vapors, fumes etc. Most of these are toxic and concentrations exceed safe levels. It therefore becomes very important to understand the cause and get a proper remedy for the proper functioning of the infrastructure. For most of the commercial facilities, such as office buildings, hotels etc controlling airborne pollutants is necessary to maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) and a comfortable, healthy, odour free environment, these, use common particulate filters that cannot resolve all problems related to poor IAQ. In addition, gas-phase filtration must be used to control the harmful affects of gaseous contaminants.

Electricity has gone on to become one of mankind’s greatest invention. Without proper power, we are unable to do anything. There is no scope to draw water, to cook food or even to keep ourselves safe and entertained. There is nothing more important than having electricity in your house. So, to make sure that nothing comes in the way of the electricity, audits are really important. That’s why we provide Power Audit Services in Mumbai and Thermography Audits in India. This helps you make sure that your power systems are in order and you don’t face a black out